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This page is a list of characters in the podcast.

Main Characters[]

All images are artists' interpretations.

Sammy Stevens[]

First introduced in episode one, May 1, 2015.

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Sammy Stevens is the host of the King Falls AM late night talk radio show the Sammy and Ben Show. He used to be a shock jock in an unknown big city in California, but moved to King Falls to host the show among other ulterior motives. Formerly known as "Shotgun Sammy," his jock name by people familiar with his former show.

Played by Kyle Brown.

Benjamin Arnold[]

First introduced in episode one, May 1, 2015.

Benjamin Arnold is the producer and co-host of the Sammy and Ben Show on King Falls AM. He aspires to be a great journalist, without needing to move away from King Falls, believing that all the stories worth telling are in King Falls anyways.

Played by Noah James.

Troy Krieghauser[]

First introduced in episode one, May 1, 2015.

Troy Krieghauser is a well-loved law enforcement officer in King Falls. He's a childhood friend of Ben's and has become known as a co-best bud of Sammy and Ben, spending Christmas with them each year. He is married to a woman named Loretta, known for her pancakes. He begins the show as a deputy, but as of The King Falls' Sheriff Brawl 2018, Troy is sheriff of King Falls.

Played by Eric Kimelton.

Emily Potter[]

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First introduced in episode two, That Book Is Overdue, President Lincoln.

Emily Potter is head librarian at the King Falls Public Library following the previous head librarian, Mrs. Kilpatrick's, disappearance. She is a friend of the Sammy and Ben Show and love interest of Ben Arnold. She is always there to lend a helping hand and give some kind words.

Played by Lauren Denham (Episode 2 - Episode 75) and Jess Nurse (Episode 76 - Onward)

Lily Wright[]

First heard in episode fifty-one, Mixtape Mix-Up. First introduced in episode fifty-six, War & Peace.

Lily Wright is the narrator and creator of popular podcast and radio show Wright On and older sister of Jack Wright. She worked with Sammy and Jack before they moved and changed jobs in an attempt for popularity. On Wright On, she worked with her producer Pippa (voiced by Megan Fitzmartin) and the intern Mike (Matt Smith).

Played by Candace Hammer.

Recurring Characters[]

Herschel F. Baumgartner[]

First introduced in episode three, Catch & Release.

Herschel Baumgartner is an old man, lifetime resident of King Falls and four-time winner of the King Falls Bass Tournament (1989, 1992, 2014, 2015). He often mentions his time fighting in World War II and is known for his curmudgeonly temperament and foul language. Herschel was married to a woman named Edna, who passed away before the start of the show. He is considered a close friend of the show, and his best friend is Cecil Sheffield.

Played by Trent Shumway.

Jack Wright[]

First mentioned in The King Falls Chronicles: Part One. First heard in The King Falls Chronicles: Part Three.

Jack Wright is Lily's younger brother and Sammy's fiancé, and has been missing since late 2014/early 2015. He was the producer of Shotgun Saturday Nights, the radio show Sammy worked on before coming to King Falls. Suddenly, Jack, who had always been into/bought into paranormal and supernatural happenings, started getting interested in King Falls, and getting phone calls, possibly by Debbie, and other strange happenings. Convinced something was up, he became obsessed with learning more, to the point where he stopped working, and one day, early in the morning, he disappeared from his and Sammy's home. Distraught and confused, Sammy went to King Falls a few months later to look for him, reaching out to Merv, the station owner, in order to get a job there. A while later, Lily came to town as well to look for him. As of episode 71, it is confirmed Jack is wherever Debbie and the Shadows are. In episode 74, it was revealed that Jack and Sammy are engaged.

Played by Eddie Vona.

Greg Frickard[]

Greg Frickard, first introduced in the second episode, That Book is Overdue, President Lincoln!, is the grandson of Granny Frickard and assumed co-owner and manager of Granny Frickard's Froggery. Greg briefly dated Emily Potter, after gaslighting her into believing he was the one to bring her back from the Rainbow Lights.

Voiced by Lonnie Iannazzo

Howard Ford Beauregard III[]

First introduced in episode six, King of King Falls.

HFB3 is the author of the ebook King of King Falls, a detailed history of King Falls, and self-pronounced paranormal expert. His family settled the town "many moons ago" by acquiring it from the native Hatchenaw Indians. Unconfirmed but most likely a vampire. He has appeared once during the day so the jury is still out on this.

Played by Trent Shumway.

Ron Begley[]

First introduced in episode three, Catch & Release.

Ron Begley is the owner of Ron Begley's Bait & Tackle and sponsor of the 55th Annual King Falls Bass Tournament. Ron refers to himself as "the only soul brave enough in this town to own [his] identity" (Episode Three: Catch & Release), in reference to his being a proud gay man. His personality has also been confirmed via twitter to have been inspired by Ron Swanson from the popular TV show "Parks and Rec."

"A man's man's man." - Campaign slogan

Played by Matthew Walter.

Doyle Bevins[]

First introduced in episode eight, Electrolocaust Now.

Doyle Bevins lives out in Hollybrook Estates, a good five miles out of town. Often calls Sammy and Ben about supernatural occurrences within his house. Claims that his front lawn was cursed by gypsies, has had his friends pick him up and carry him across it so he could safely go to Arts House Films. It's pretty clear from his on-air altercations with Ben that Doyle is always high, this being confirmed by his laid back personality, surfer dude voice and paranoia that his appliances are out to get him. Doyle is also the host of his own radio show "Doyle's Conspiracy Cavern", where he discusses supernatural conspiracies with his guests.  

Played by Kyle Brown.


First introduced in episode thirty-five, Dear Diary.

Debbie is the only known human in the Void who is believed to not be under direct control of the Shadowmaker. Debbie occasionally calls the show to issue cryptic warnings and dire proclamations regarding the Shadowmaker, the Forgotten, and the Void in general. She gathers her information through strange, animate notebooks which she finds in her wanderings through the Void. She demonstrates power over electrical objects in our world, which she refers to as "the Land of Light", and even shuts down the entire radio station in episode 59. Despite being trapped in the Void, Debbie claims that she desperately wants to help those in our world stop the Shadowmaker's plans.

Played by Laetitia Leon.


First introduced in episode one, May 1, 2015.

Finn is a former trucker that frequently drove logging trucks through King Falls. He was bit by a werewolf (which was later confirmed to be Freddie Osbourne). Finn has been observed howling at the moon and scratching himself. Complains of waking up in strange places with no clothes.

Played by Steve Stebbing.

Mayor Steven Grisham[]

Steven Grisham was first mentioned in episode one, May 1, 2015. First heard in episode two, That Book Is Overdue, President Lincoln. First introduced in episode three, Catch & Release.

Possibly evil and definitely corrupt, the Mayor of King Falls has no problem swinging his political weight around to censor the media. Has been confirmed to be linked to the local hate group, the Himinists, also dubbed the "King Falls Illuminati" by popular podcaster Lily Wright. Known associates are Sheriff Gunderson and Howard Ford Beauregard III.

Played by Kevin Bulla.

Tumblr pggh0i39w71w0n99m 1280

Sinister looking Gunderson fanart by @pie-and-anger on Tumblr

Judd Gunderson[]

First mentioned in episode two, That Book Is Overdue, President Lincoln. First introduced in episode thirty-eight, Democracy Derby.

Judd Gunderson is the former boss of Troy and former sheriff of King Falls. Strong supporter and co-conspirator of Mayor Steven Grisham, accused of killing Ben's pet sugar glider Serendipity, by pet medium Olivia DuPont.

In The King Falls' Sheriff Brawl 2018, he concedes the race to Troy in order to take a job as head of security for the Science Institute.

Played by Lou Pecora.

Tim Jensen[]

First introduced in episode one, May 1, 2015.

Abducted on air by a UFO in episode one.

Tim Jensen is married to his high school sweetheart Mary. Has two children, one is a daughter named Bella.

Since coming back, Tim's personality has dramatically changed. He suffers from creepy moments where, as his wife Mary put it, "It's like the lights are on, but Tim's not home." Mary refers to this as "flickering". It is heavily implied that this is due to Tim actually being an alien clone. During a flickering session at Libbydale Farms, Tim even talks in terms of parsecs and tells Ben "You'll never get her, Ben" in reference to Ben's girlfriend Emily's abduction---which Mary assures Sammy and Ben that there was no way Tim could possibly have knowledge of.

Later, when Emily is saved, a second Tim is discovered. It's believed this second Tim (called "Tim Two" by Ben whereas he calls the first Tim "Tim One") is the real original Tim.

Played by Chris Ninness.

Mary Jensen[]

First introduced in episode 7 Major Tom to Ground Control

Mary Jensen is the wife of Tim Jensen, and the mother of two. She is described by Lily Wright in KFC to have dirty blonde hair.

Played by Jill Johnson

RoboTim / Tim1000[]

First introduced in epiosde 23 Somewhere Under The Rainbow

Known by many names, Tim1000 is the robotic clone of Tim Jensen. His almost perfect similarity to Tim made it possible for him to take his place, until the original Tim returned.

Played by Chris Ninness

Ernesto "Ernie" D. Salcedo[]

Ernie Salcedo is the owner of Ernie's Muffler, recent owner of Ernie's Leatherbound Books and Ernie Salcedo's Slice of the World Cafeteria, and local mobster. Agent Reagan Spears lead the investigation on him, where he was the main suspect of the murder of Rich McGuff

Voiced by Trent Shumway

Rich McGuff[]

Rich McGuff was the owner of Rich McGuff's Leatherbound Books, and the owner of a glorious mustache. He was 54 years old when he was killed, presumably by Ernie Salcedo.

Voiced by Trent Shumway

Agent Reagan Spears[]

Introduced in episode 24 - The McGuff Files

FBI Agent Reagan Spears resided in King Falls while investigating Ernie Salcedo.

Voiced by Kelly Zimmer

Chester Felix (Chet) Sebastian[]

First introduced in episode one, May 1, 2015.

Chet Sebastian is the host of Chet's Jazz Corner on King Falls AM and well-known sexual deviant. He occasionally subs in for Ben or Sammy on the Sammy and Ben Show when they're unable to come to work and is considered a friend of the show.

After the station blew up, Chet was brought in for questioning and arrested for arson, in order to be used as a scapegoat/cover up for the UFO's and the lights.

Played by Trent Shumway.

Cecil Sheffield[]

First mentioned in episode three, Catch & Release. First introduced in episode four, Wolves Gone Wild.

Cecil Sheffield is a retired school teacher at King Falls High School. Ben's old history teacher. Also taught theater at the High School, and once cast Ben as Danny in a production of the musical Grease. Was supposedly dating or had an affair with former 660 AM radio host Esther Rollins before she passed away. Cecil is a close friend of Herschel, whom he describes as being 'pretty much family'. In episode 71 "Like You're Running Out of Time" it is revealed that Cecil was the vessel being used by the Shadow Maker as a go between to deliver news and other items. He collapsed in episode 71, and is confirmed to be in a coma but in stable condition in 72 and 73. He eventually awakens in later episodes. Cecil is also a prolific drinker to the point of being an alcoholic but is overall good natured and kind. He cannot remember Sammy's name for the life of him, instead referring to him as "Ben's Friend."

Played by Trent Shumway.

Archie Simmons[]

First introduced in episode four, Wolves Gone Wild.

Archie Simmons is a professional dog breeder specializing in Pomchis, a Pomeranian and Chihuahua mixed breed. He is the owner of Archie's Pomchi Palace, a recurring sponsor and outspoken supporter of the Sammy and Ben Show and King Falls AM. He also has a catchy jingle he's ready to play at any moment, always attempting to get free advertising when he can.

He has two dogs besides the puppies he sells, Rufus, a labradoodle, and Princess von Barktooth, a pomchi.

Played by Trent Shumway.

Mr. X[]

First introduced in episode forty-five, Will The Real Tim Shady Please Stand Up?.

Mr. X is a mysterious caller who provides the boys with hard to get information about the Science Institute and the Devil's Doorstep, although with no credibility. He teams up with Ben and others to break into the Institute, and believes he has information to offer about The One.

Played by Trent Shumway.

Gwendolyn the Racist Witch[]

First introduced in episode twenty-one, Swimmin' With Kingsie.

Gwendolyn the Racist Witch is just an overall nasty person who is openly racist and well, just nasty towards everyone. It appears that she actually has magical powers that she uses to curse the citizens of King Falls. Her entrances and exits are accompanied by wind chimes that would be generally associated with a more morally positive character.She and Ben seem to know each other if not just from her call-ins at the radio station.

Played by Lauren Denham.

Xavier Hawthorne[]

First mentioned in episode five, [Night of the Living Dread]. First heard in episode six, King of King Falls. First introduced in episode nine, [Jack In the Box Jesus].

Reverend Xavier Hawthorne is the local overzealous evangelical who claims responsibility for the coming of Jesus at the local King Falls Jack in the Box. Main St. Not Red Oak Ave. No one goes to Red Oak. Owns Glory Holes, the local putt-putt course. Known by his compatriots and supporters alike as Reverend Xavier "get right with god" Hawthorne. Not openly homophobic, but definitely has his reservations.

Played by Trent Shumway.

Cynthia Higgenbaum[]

First introduced in episode two, That Book Is Overdue, President Lincoln.

Cynthia Higgenbaum is a divorced mother of two sons named Brad and Chad. She is often critical of Sammy Stevens and Ben Arnold, and whatever else might cross her path, but has a questionable fixation with Ben.

Played by Jackie Joyner.

Katie Lynch[]

First mentioned in episode fifty-two, All Along the Watchtower. First introduced in episode eighty-four, Red Comforter.

Deputy Katie Lynch is a King Falls Sheriff's Department deputy, working for Sheriff Krieghauser. She is also friends with Lily Wright, as Lily is out with her in episode 81, and attends to a fight between The Dark and The Dirt in the King Falls Town Square. It is revealed, in later episodes, that Katie and Lily have grown quite close, demonstrated once by Lily calling Katie after she has a nightmare in episode 84, 'Red Comforter'.

Voiced by Sarah Rhea Werner.

Maggie Masterson[]

First heard in episode fifteen, Stormy Weather, More at Eleven. First introduced in Zero Tolerance Policy.

Maggie Masterson played Sandy in Grease in high school with Ben Arnold. Was asked by Ben to prom which she said no. Works as a reporter at channel 13. After being constantly told misogynistic remarks from other news anchor Burt Reynolds, she joins Emily and Reagan to take down the Himinists. Wanted to do a story on Howard Ford Beauregard III buying all the Christmas trees in the state and asked Ben for Pete's phone number to call him for an interview which he declined angrily.

Played by Randi Bailyn.

Pete Myers[]

First introduced in episode seven, Major Tom to Ground Control.

Pete Myers is, owner of "Pete Myers Lawn and Landscaping", Howard Ford Beauregard III's gardener, and staunchest supporter. He also goes by Escobar, calling under that alias for the first time in Electrolocaust Now and being referred to as such on multiple occasions. He has his own lawncare business, but spends most of his time looking after HFB3's grounds. He has attempted to start up an Uber-like business, called Pete-ber.

He has a car payment on a ten year old corolla.

Sits on barns and complains about radio shows.

Played by Keenan Kelly.

Dr. Jeffrey Rosenblum[]

First introduced in episode five, Night of the Living Dread.

Dr. Jeffrey Rosenblum is the County Coroner for King Falls and eye witness to the reanimated dead (both of the human and pet variety). It is impossible to determine his emotions unless he identifies them. Low monotone voice, but uses slang and text phrases in conversation. Is often seen sneaking around the King Falls 'necropolis'.

Played by Trent Shumway.


First introduced in episode fifteen, Stormy Weather, More at Eleven.

Walt is a Hatchenhaw tribe member who lives in the area, and has tracking skills which he used to track Storm Sanders around town and eventually to the radio station. He has hinted that he has lost many of the people he cares about to evil forces such as the Shadows, and reprimands Ben in episode 31 "The Forgotten", for using Storm Sanders, now a Skin-Walker, to lure Walt to the station, as he put Sammy's life at risk by doing so.

That is all you will get.

Played by Trent Shumway.

The Dark[]

First mentioned in episode twenty-seven, Cronkite, Brokaw, Ben Arnold. First introduced in episode thirty-two, Smokey & the Banshee.

The Dark is an anonymous masked vigilante who often calls into the show. Talks with a deepened voice to hide his identity. Has broken into the Science Institute. Supported by Ben, but not by Sammy who believes he should turn himself in to the authorities.

Played by Mason Trueblood.

The Williams Boys[]

First mentioned in episode one, May 1, 2015.

A family of troublemakers in King Falls.

Jacob Williams[]

First mentioned in episode five, Night of the Living Dread. First introduced in episode thirty-two, Smokey & the Banshee.

Often antagonized Sheriff Troy Krieghauser before Troy was initially fired as a deputy. One is married to a woman named Pearl. Jacob Williams was once trapped in a car with the ghost of Rich McGuff when he (McGuff) stole it to destroy Ernie's Mufflers in revenge for his own murder. Definitely the second most sexually deviant character behind Chet Sebastian, Jacob Williams appears to have no specific sexual orientation and revels in making advances toward both men and women using less than subtle methods.

Played by Owen Virgin.

Pearl Williams[]

First mentioned in episode thirty-two, Smokey & the Banshee. First introduced in episode fifty-seven, Bonnie & Clyde 2017.

Wife of Jacob Williams. Ben swear he once saw her crush an apple with her bare hands.

Her voice actor is unknown.

Bruce Williams[]

Mentioned in episode eighty-six, Boxed In.

A Williams Boy. Jacob pretends to be him when being interrogated.

Clyde Williams[]

Mentioned in episode thirty, Bright Lights, Little City.

Caught vandalizing a statue of Jebediah Gunderson in King Falls Forever.

Eli Williams[]

Mentioned in episode fifty-two, All Along The Watchtower.

Partnered up with Creepy Carl to open a petting zoo. Assumed to have stolen the animals.

Marcus Williams[]

First mentioned in The King Falls Chronicles: Part Three.

Potential Williams boy. Football player in Alabama when Sammy, Jack, and Lily were on the air together.


First introduced in episode 93, Head Hunters

EmBot is the robotic clone of Emily Potter.

Rufus T. Abilene[]

First mentioned in episode one, May 1, 2015.

General Rufus T. Abilene is an apparition who exists in Sweetser Forest. When he was alive, he fought for the North in the American Civil War and is believed to have saved his troops by tricking the opposing forces. Now, as an apparition, he is known to change road signs in Sweetser Forest, reeking havoc for those trying to enter or exit the town.

Delilah and Jethro Abilene are some of his great-great-great-great-grandchildren, still local to the King Falls area.

Olivia DuPont[]

First introduced in episode ten, Medium Rare.

Also known as Golden Owl, Olivia DuPont is a medium who specializes in communicating with deceased pets. Takes on animalistic traits such as barking during the communication.

Played by Joanne Spracklen.

Mrs. Kilpatrick[]

First introduced in episode two, That Book Is Overdue, President Lincoln.

As former head librarian, Mrs. Kilpatrick also lived in a small apartment inside the King Falls Public Library. Before she went missing, she had been having visions of the apparitions of John Wilkes-Booth and President Abraham Lincoln. Her disappearance is possibly linked to the fire that burned down the second floor of the library around the same time.

"I saw her put Mein Kampf in the children's section!" - Ben Arnold

Played by Lauren Denham.

Kingsie the Lake Monster[]

First mentioned in episode three, Catch & Release.

The local lake cryptid. Not to be compared to the Loch Ness Monster. Kingsie has an understanding with Ron Begley. Likes to eat snakes.

Dwayne Libbydale[]

First introduced in episode thirty-three, E.T., Text Home.

Dwayne Libbydale is a childhood friend of Ben's who moved back to King Falls to help run Libbydale Farms alongside his father. He played little league with Ben in elementary school, and was supposedly the fastest kid in King Falls.

Old Man Libbydale is his father, Mrs. Libbydale his mother, and he is engaged to Kirk. He had an uncle named Herb who passed away in August 2016.

His voice actor is unknown.


First introduced in episode thirty-three, E.T., Text Home.

Kirk is the fiancé of Dwayne Libbydale. He moved to King Falls with Dwayne when Dwayne volunteered to come back and help on the farm.

Played by Eric Kimelton.


First mentioned in episode four, Wolves Gone Wild.

Merv is the station manager of King Falls AM who neither Sammy nor Ben have ever personally met. He is mysterious and has not yet been confirmed to actually exist, although Sammy believes he has spoken to him on the phone. Mostly communicates through email.

Storm Sanders[]

First introduced in episode fifteen, Stormy Weather, More at Eleven.

Storm Sanders was the former weatherman for Channel 13. Was fired when he had an on air outburst with swearing that led to a physical altercation.


Played by JB.

Betty Arnold[]

The patient and hard working mother of Ben Arnold, Betty Arnold is always ready to be the extra parent of anyone in need. Betty is in her early 50s, and was confirmed 53 years old by Tim1000 in episode 86, Boxed In.

Voiced by Kami Koren

Dusty Reynolds[]

Introduced in episode seventeen, Give Peas A Chance

Local country singer, Dusty Reynolds, is known for not being able to keep his songs SFW. Dusty left King Falls after graduation in order to work on his music. Formerly dating Gloria, but broke up with her after catching her cheating on him with Javier, the pool boy. He has been sent to the Big Swallow D-Pat (Don't Pitch A Tent) several times.

Riley Bevins[]

First introduced in episode five, Night of The Living Dread

The first episode she ever did more than calling up the station on behalf of the mayor was in KFC2.

Riley Bevins is the younger sister of Doyle Bevins, and the secretary of Mayor Steven Grisham.

Riley writes transcripts of all episodes of The Sammy and Ben Show for the mayor to read. She is devoted and loyal to the mayor, and not on good terms with her brother

Mr. Thompson[]

Introduced in episode eleven, Ringin' Hell's Doorbell

Mr. Thompson is Ben Arnold's former science professor. He sent Sammy a text saying he knew what caused The Electrolocaust. In episode eleven, he called in to ask to speak to Sammy in private. He was the one who built HFB3's transmorgrifier, and the only one allowed to operate it during Emily's rescue mission.

Celestia Thompson[]

Celestia Thompson is one of HFB3's assistants.

Frederick "Freddie" Osbourne[]

Introduced in episode thirty, Bright Lights, Little City

Head caretaker of King Falls Forever, one of many peace gardens / Necropolis / cemeteries in King Falls. Chews his cigarettes instead of smoking them. He has worked at the cemetery since November 2001, and works "eight days a week". Self proclaimed werewolf, and the same werewolf that bit Finn the truck driver. He was in the army under leadership of Mr. Herschel Baumgartner These days, he is helping out at the coroner's office, as budget cuts on order of the mayor, have lead to the Peace Garden being under to coroner's jurisdiction.

Voiced by Trent Shumway.

Janice Finkle[]

Introduced in episode 48, Mo Money Mo Problem

Janice Finkle (commonly known as J.Fink) is the intern at Channel 3. On her own time, she runs the blog The J. Fink Files. One of the main themes of the blog is "The Fuckylist", where she lists characters, celebrities, local townspeople etc. that she finds sexually attractive. The Dark once stopped her from stalking someone at the Bent-And-Dent, whereby she made lewd comments about the fit of his tights. Sammy says she is about 5ft tall.

Voiced by Kourtney Brown.

The Shadowmaster[]

Was perhaps introduced in episode 11, Ringin' Hells Doorbell.

Voiced by Trent Shumway.

Dan and Larry - Mission Apparition[]

Dan and Larry are polar opposites and hosts in the famous Channel 13 show - Mission Apparition.

Dan is cross and headstrong, flirting with Emily and bickering with Ben. He is a fan of Brittney Spears. Dan and Ben are the same height.

Larry is a kind and patient guy. "We should all grow through life, not just go through life".

The two were once guests at Sammy's old radio show, when he was Shotgun Sammy.

Larry is voiced by Cameron Chambers.

Dan is voiced by Zach Book.

Lord Devon Hampton-Frampton-Shire[]

Introduced in Doyle's Conspiracy Cavern

From England. A true believer in the celestial queen spider.

Or, perhaps, from King Falls, about a block and a half away from Betty Arnold's house, and attended the same chem-pys class as Ben Arnold and Doyle Bevins...

Voiced by Owen Sigsbee Virgin.

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